Saving fuel and the environment has never been as easy as now

The next generation of fuel reducing intelligent systems

Ecosense Trailer Assist helps you reduce your fuel costs and CO2 emissions up to 8 %.

An incorrectly adjusted roof air deflector leads to higher fuel consumption and emissions.

Ecosense Trailer Assist automatically adjusts the roof air deflector and ensures that it is always in the optimal position, regardless of whether the height of the trailer or load changes or if the load carrier is moved forward or backward.

Aerodynamics is important

At high speeds, air resistance accounts for about 40 % of your fuel consumption. Therefore, it is important to configure the truck so that the air resistance is as low as possible to reduce fuel costs.

The roof air deflector is the single-most important component for reducing the air resistance. However, to ensure it is working optimally, it must always be adjusted correctly when changing the height or distance of the load carrier. This is a task that is both time-consuming, complicated and difficult without Ecosense Trailer Assist.

Automatic and simple

With Ecosense Trailer Assist installed on your truck, you never have to worry about whether your roof air deflector is set correctly.

Ecosense Trailer Assist automatically sets the roof air deflector to the optimum position so you never waste unnecessary drops of fuel. Your drivers can spend their time doing what you do best – deliver to your customers.

The installation is done in a few hours and the system is installed as an accessory to your existing roof air deflector.

Reduce your emissions

Reduced fuel consumption results in reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Fuel savings of e.g. 3 % reduce CO2 emissions by 5 tonnes per truck and year.

Today’s society is dependent on functioning transportation of goods, where trucks are a vital part of the transport chain. Our mission is to help make transportation smarter and greener.

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Does your fleet benefit from it?

Do your trucks meet the above? In this case Ecosense Trailer Assist can help you save fuel and reduce emissions.

Ecosense Trailer Assist is designed to be installed on existing and new trucks.

Which truck brands and models that are supported is continuously being expanded. Click the link below to see which models Ecosense Trailer Assist supports today.


Rumblestrip offers a favourable leasing arrangement together with Svea Ekonomi in Sweden. As customer you are flexible to adjust the leasing set up by changing the residual value and leasing period if needed.


Ecosense Trailer Assist is distributed by KG Knutsson in the Nordic countries, directly to your workshop / dealer.

You can also contact our sales team, who can help you find the right workshop or dealer, and answer any questions you may have about the product.

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